Dermot Byrne

Weddings to babies, food to jewellery and buildings to executives – and everything else in between – have been snapped by Dermot Byrne over the past 26 years as a professional photographer.

The experience of working with four different photographers early in his career exposed him to the skills and techniques needed for various specialist areas.

Adding his passion for photography to that early, on-the-job education, Dermot has an unrivalled ability to visualise an image before taking a single shot, and a willingness to go that extra mile to achieve outstanding results.

Membership of the Irish Professional Photographers’ Association is the only legitimate professional accreditation in Ireland and Dermot is one of only three photographers in the country to have Life Membership of the Association, further underlining his commitment to his craft and his guarantee of the highest standards.

“CONGRATULATIONS to Dermot Byrne Photography Ireland who was awarded with the IPPA Fashion Portfolio Photographer of the Year 2014”

This is the second year that Dermot Byrne Photographer has won this category award from the Irish Professional Photographers Association. Check out his fashion portfolio to see this year’s winning photograph.

Another achievement for Dermot Byrne Photography was being shortlisted for the World Photographic Cup 2014

Dermot was the only Irish photographer to be selected for the Portrait category and one of two Irish photographers for all categories. Truly a wonderful accomplishment to be proud of.

It’s rare to find a photographer who is equally accomplished at commercial, portrait and wedding photography but Dermot Byrne is an exception to the rule.

And over 26 years, he has the awards and hundreds of satisfied clients to prove his enviable versatility.

Contemporary photography using highly sophisticated equipment and facilities, Dermot’s professionally-accredited and fully insured service has evolved with experience and always expanding knowledge.

Building relationships through good communications and a sense of humour is a vital ingredient in Dermot’s service… and makes him such a sought-after photographer across such diverse photographic disciplines.

Dermot Byrne – photographic craftsman, the consummate professional.

Best fashion portfolio – IPPA Photographer of The Year Awards 2011

2 Diamond Awards…
…22 Gold Crests…
…excellence & consistency…

ippa 2011 best fashion portfolio

It means a lot when a photographer, is elected by his peers, as the best in a particular sector. And when it happens for years in succession, then you know it’s not just luck.

Dermot’s fellows at the IPPA have not alone voted his entry as Best Fashion Portfolio but they have also added awarded Dermot’s work with 2 elusive Diamond Awards and 22 Gold Crests.

To get a gold is difficult and fantastic, but to get a diamond is serious. To get so many is mind blowing.

To cap it off on the 27th of Febuary 2011 Dermot was awarded best fashion portfolio which is the holy grail.

Associateship of the Irish Professional Photographers’ Association

By gaining his Associateship to the Irish Professional Photographers’ Association (AIPPA) Dermot has joined a very small elite group of industry professionals.

A member of IPPA for a number of years, Dermot worked with some of Ireland’s top models to create the unique fashion and advertising portfolio that was put before the judges, chosen from his fellow peers.

Only with their positive appraisal has he been awarded his Associateship.

He has gained recognition from within the professional photographers’ ranks for his exceptional skills, professionalism and quality of his work.

This recent award in the Fashion and Advertising category makes him one of only a handful of photographers in Ireland who have gained IPPA Associateships working in this area.

There are hundreds of good photographers in Ireland but only a very small number can be regarded as great and Dermot is proud to be able to say he is one of them – endorsed by the public and now by the industry itself.

Never compromise on a quality image.

Dermot is skilled in fashion photography working with Irish models on fashion portfolios, studio fashion photography and portrait photography. When it’s comes to being a model photographer, Dermot Byrne is a pioneer in his field. Fashion photography has many factors and characters that play key roles. Dermot is skilled in organising these factors together and capturing them into superb photographs, as is highlighted by his extensive Fashion Portfolio.

If you are looking to capture your special Wedding Day, a moment with your family, children and pets with a portrait photo shoot or to mark that memorable corporate event, contact Dermot to book an appointment today!

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